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Jamaican Discsta is a cartoon-style adventure java game where the player struggles to make it big in the music business of Kingston. Buy and sell records, get cool clothes, flirt and listen to rumours about new hot artists – become a skilled discsta. It’s hilarious, cool, authentic and highly addictive! The gameplay idea is to buy records cheap at one location and sell them for more money at another. But money is not enough to get a really high score. New clothes increase the character’s cool and opens up new game possibilities! If the character is cool enough, he can buy white labels and dub plates. Playing these at the dancehall generates even more cool! The player interacts with non-player characters such as DJs, artists and other discstas. Dynamic game events makes each new game a new experience. DJs give record tips, robbers lure in Trenchtown, and Rasta elders give spiritual guidance. Jamaican Discsta is a continuous hunt for outstanding record deals and becoming popular. The player needs to learn how to take advantage of the various game elements to get a high score. The dynamics in the game ensures that even a skilled player will be surprised and engaged in every new game!
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