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Lethal Mission takes place during the Second World War. You play a role of a brave soilder, who has to complete sabotage missions in enemy territories.
Features: GAMEPLAY:
Each mission has an objective. A mission is fully completed only when you have completed the objective and escaped through the exit. Pick up ammunition, grenades and dynamites to extend your fire power.
You can also pick up the weapon of a dead soldier. Medicinal kits will heal your wounds. Use the wire snips to cut barbed wire Completing all missions will unlock two new modes: difficult mode and god mode. You will also then be able to pick any mission you want to play.
CONTROLS: MENU OPTIONS: Mission 1: Your first task is to blow up an enemy fuel tank. You will need something more powerful than grenades. Find dynamite and deploy it close to the fuel tank!
Mission 2: According to our sources the enemy is hiding classified information in a small facility. Locate it and steal the documents without getting spotted by the officers!
Mission 3: There are more enemy units in this base than we expected. You must clear the perimeter. Eliminate all soldiers. Watch out for the enemy airplane guarding the base!
Mission 4: We've faced heavy opposition from the enemy side. Only cutting off their ammunitions supply can get us out of this situation. Your task is to blow up the ammunition depot.
Mission 5: Apparently the enemy headquarter has been relocated. The enemy has set up 5 timed bombs to hinder us from finding any information about their military plans. You have limited time to defuse the timed bombs.
Mission 6: Our latest observations show that enemy is working on a new type of missile with radioactive warhead. Infiltrate the building and steal it. The building is heavily guarded. You'll have to find an officer uniform and dress up to get in unnoticed.
Mission 7: I was captured. They have been keeping me here as P.O.W. for weeks. I must find a way to escape...
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