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You are the warehouse manager in a big Ice Factory. It's your job to control the platform and arrange the coloured ice cubes so that they can be packed and shipped. The ice cubes can be packed as soon as you have 3 of equally coloured cubes lined up (vertically, horizontally or diagonally).Read the instructions carefully at the beginning of each level, so you can easely get to the next level and gain a maximum score. You get the least points with vertical combos and the most with diagonal ones combos. When you manage to line up 4 or even 5 cubes you get a bonus score. You can collect up to 5 ice cubes on you platform, so you can reorganize how they are stored in each location. Each time an ice cube falls from the transportation line you'll get a penalty (ERROR). You're only allowed to drop 4 ice cubes or you will be fired.
Score counting:
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