Пиксельный Зоопарк - JAR

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Pixeline goes to the ZOO. It’s very entertaining and really fun game for kids of all ages. Help Pixeline feed the hippo – and doing that use your brain and learn about logic moves thinking ahead. But don’t feed the hippo fish bones!! Pixeline likes all animals. She visits the ZOO but she has a special crush on the hippo. The hippo likes hay – but he also enjoys fruit. The only thing he hates is fish bones!Pixeline helps feeding the hippo, however it not that easy moving haystacks from one end of the ZOO to another with all the fences. In this game you will have to help Pixeline feed all the haystacks to the hippo... Time is counted so you'd better get to the job now!
Pixeline ZOO is a game in which you will have to use all of your wit in order to make the right moves at the right moment. Think before you move! Any non-considered move could result in losing haystacks for ever! You can push all the items around and any of them can be fed to the hippo. Some items however are not the kind the hippo likes. Namely, fish bones...
The level will be cleared when all hay is fed to the hippo. You will earn additional points by feeding fruits. - Well you’d better get started and have fun! Full 360° smooth scrolling, good-looking lovely graphics and most of all challenging levels: Pixeline ZOO is a game for all those who wish to entertain their mind while having great fun.
In game menu: navigate on the joystick buttons.Choose new game, go to a specific level or see high score.Set sound and the level of difficulty (easy/hard)In the Level option you can add and edit your own level.Move on the soft keys or joystick. Push the haystacks on "numeric keys". Zoom on "0"Push "enter" to pause the game.Get points on different items and end the game by feeding the hippo all the haystacks.
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