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Pitstop is an exiting Formula 1 pitstop management game, which takes place over a typical racing season. This fast paced game features both tactical & action elements and also included an online race mode. Can you win this year’s season?
Pitstop is a Formula 1 pitstop management game, which takes place over a typical racing season. The game features both tactical and action elements. At the start of each race, you need to customise your driver’s skill levels and choose a racing strategy. During the race, you control the pit crew by using a sequence of key presses to change the tyres and fuel. You need to be quick here as your pitstop times strongly influences your race position. The game comes with 17 standard races and an online race mode.Customizable Driver: Your team’s driver has various attributes (acceleration, cornering, and stamina), you have 150 points to allocate between these attributes. Your driver’s attributes will change how your car handles the track.
Race Strategy: You must choose your driver’s racing mentality (Cautious/Neutral/Aggressive). Each of these affects how much fuel your driver uses, and how hard the driver is on the tires. You must also choose when to call the driver into the pit. Like all racing teams, your pitstop strategy and timing will help you win the race.
Online race: Players can choose to enter an online race, which will record their time if they finish within the top 10 times. To enter, they enter their name and start the online track, which is preloaded on the phone. At the end of the race, their time is automatically sent to the game’s database. The 100 best times will be recorded and the top 10 will be displayed online. Players can check their online ranking at any time.
Win each race and win the racing season! Like a Formula 1 race, points are awarded to drivers with the best finishing times. To do well or win a race, you need to have the correct tactics, combined with quick and efficient pitstops. To assist you in the pitstops, you have computer monitors that supply data about the car’s performance and wear. Check these monitors during the race to prepare for your pitstop.
To begin, enter your name & choose your driver’s racing mentality - this affects your fuel & tyre wear. Next set your drivers skill levels. During the race, keep an eye on your race stats, position & tactics. In the pitstop, decide what needs to be done quickly - flashing red items have to be changed, other items depend on your time. Quick pitstops will result in a better position. When a race is over, the game to-date will be saved. To quit during a race, press *.
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