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Man against man, hand to hand: no fighter can really escape the rules of the ring. When you hear the bell, the applause will die away, the shouting will fade, and you’ll be alone, to the last punch. Thanks to a range of extremely realistic animations and immediate and intuitive playability, Knock Out Champs offers sheer arcade fun combined with extraordinary realism.Choose your champion: the explosive strength of Vinnie Sudden Death Cavallo or the endurance of Pablo The Ripper Sanchez? The elegant defence of Jim Kill’em All Jackson or the furious attack of Kurt Hammer Schultz?…Eh! You can’t be thinking of chickening out, can you?
The four boxers in Knock Out Champs possess individual characteristics that determine their endurance, energy, attacking potential and defensive ability. Each fighter is able to throw 3 different blows: straight, hook and uppercut. as well as being able to cover and dodge in different ways according to the manner of attack. Careful, though: it is essential to manage the strength of your boxer. Blows suffered provoke evident damage. but wasteful attacks weaken your man. You must always keep an eye on your Stamina and Energy levels if you don’t want to end up flat on the floor. But you must also pay attention to the advantage pointer that reports every punch landed during the match.You get ringside seats with an exciting side by side view. plus the game boasts realistic sound effects and 4 polyphonic music themes. The menu offers many different settings to personalize your match: you can select the fighter, the level of difficulty, and the number of rounds for every new match and their duration. Remember now, sonny, no low blows and may the best man win...
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