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Help Jack-O-Lantern Man get his ember back before the Halloween party start!!
The ember is missing from Jack-O-Lantern Man just before the Halloween night. Everybody knows the Devil is in charge of this. With the Jack-O-Bombs, he must defeat all monsters on the way through the Devil disciples and he will get the ember back. Help Jack-O-Lantern Man get his ember back before the Halloween party start!!
Each level contains a number of haunted monsters which must be destroyed before you can move on to the next level. Monsters have different powers and behaviors. Learning them well will help you on your adventure. The door to the next level will be unlocked after all monsters have been destroyed.Use Jack-O-Bombs to destroy certain rocks and monsters. A Jack-O-Bomb explodes 5 seconds after being placed, so make sure to run to a safe location after placing it.Hidden underneath a rock on each level lies a special power-up. Be sure to find the power-up on each level before moving on so that you can utilize its powers on your adventure.The remote control power-up allows you to detonate Jack-O-Bombs remotely by using the key. This key is configurable using the settings menu.
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