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As a young dragon you embark on a journey through 15 levels full of mysterious and deadly enemies. From the forest of the Dragon Realm to the old vulcano, you must seek three presious long ago lost artifacts, which will grant you a place amongst elder dragons. Fight enemies like dangerous funguluncuses, inisidious earth worms, deadly giant bees and many more of those exotic creatures. And don’t forget the horroble and almost invicible beasts, guarding those artifacts. You can also find your way to the long forgotten treasures in the Pixies and the Gnomes Cave.Collect golden coins to create an enormous treasure, so favoured amongst dragons. Or cheat the death by eating the Golden apples or the Blueyen friuts. And every dragon can spew the fire balls. But with eating the Fiery pepper you get even more powerful fire. As every dragon, you also gain the wisdom and power through your adventures.
Afer a long and perilous journey the Elder of the Dragons accepts you in the Dragons Circle, annual meeting of all grown-up dragons in the Dragon Realm. You can not proudly sit next to your father. But many more great adventures are still waiting for you.
Player is leading the hero by using the navigational keys:
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