Cubrix Color Puzzle - JAR

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Bring color to your life!Enjoy the funny gameplay of this productivity killer! Join the falling colorful stones together so that side faces with the same color match...
Join the falling colorful stones together so that side faces with the same color match...Colorful stones are falling down from top of the screen. Shift them, rotate them and join them together. But be aware! The object is to arrange the stones so that there side faces match up. Only cubes which are linked with their same-colored side faces will disappear. The challenge mounts as the blocks start falling faster and faster. Try it out - Cubrix Color Puzzle is incredibly addicting!
Cubes with different colored side faces are falling down. Place the cubes so that matching colors are joined to each other. 3 (or more) matching cubes will be removed from the field. With various cube-combinations you can remove more than 3 cubes at once. Remove all cubes to finish a level.The challenge mounts from level to level: More colors and non-colored side faces (which can not be matched) are introduced to the game.
Press key 5 (joystick or navigation-key/center) to turn a falling cube. Press keys 4 and 6 to move a cube to the left or right. When the cube is over the right place it can be dropped with key 8.
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